Welcome to my website

Thank you for visiting my website, where you can find all the info you should need to be able to commission a pet portrait from me. I will be opening up a number of slots at the start of each month and you can buy a deposit to secure a space via my Big Cartel, further details are in the Pricing section.

About me

I am a self taught painter based in the historic city of York, England. Having previously worked as a full time tattoo artist for over a decade I am influenced by this style of art but I am currently taking a break from this work to focus on painting. I am delighted to be offering the opportunity to commission pet portraits. I prefer to paint with either gouache or acrylic paint and you can explore my different price tiers for these options here.

Ordering Process

I will be opening up a limited number of commission slots at the start of every month and will post on my Instagram account each month to let you know when this is going live. To secure one of these spaces you will need to purchase a £20 non-refundable deposit (which will be taken off the final amount you pay) which is available through my Big Cartel and then email your photos and ideas to me at contact@cassandrafrances.com.  Please note that if I have not heard from you within 14 days of the deposit purchase you will unfortunately lose your place in the queue and if you wish to reapply later you will be required to pay a further £20 deposit.

The pricing section will give you an idea of the costs involved but please do reach out if you have any questions.

The level of detail of my painting will be determined by the standard of reference photo I receive from you. If your photos aren’t great and you can’t get more do not despair, I can usually create something with most photos provided to me but please be aware that your expectations should be managed accordingly.   

I need photos to be – In focus/well lit and high resolution – if you want the painting to be detailed I must be able to see this detail clearly in the photo

Nicely posed with nothing cropped – I prefer for a selection of photos to be sent over so I can see which I think is most suitable but I pick one photo to solely work from and do not pick and choose features from each.